Szilvia Molnar

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Two Writers, Not Lovers, and Norwegian Butter, Guernica, August 2019 [short story]

How Deborah Levy is Getting Me Through New Motherhood, Lithub, March 2019, [essay]

Where are my panties? A love story, Triangle House Review #5, May 2018 [short story]

On Book Publishing's Drinking Culture, Lithub, December 2017 [essay]

Me and JT LeRoy: On anonymity and queer art, Lithub, September 2016 [essay]

In Gut Flora: a Chapess Zine Collection, April 2016 [poems]

Alternative Szenarien Fur Lover*, Neue Rundschau, February 2016 [short story]

In-Between Dreams, Avenue Journal, January 2016 [short story]

Have at it, Nicotina Zine #8, October 2015 [poem]

Soft Split, Future Tense Books, September 2015 [chapbook]

Es tu agua la que siempre he querido tomar**, Matavilela, August 2015 [4 poems]

Volar bajo o morir**, HermanoCerdo, June 2015 [short story]

Professor Past and Professor PresentTHE CHAPESS ZINE #7, April 2015 [poems]

Escenarios alternativos para amantes**, The Buenos Aires Review, April 2015 [short story] 

Another pair of knees I see, Inconnu, March 2015 [short story]

On how good you are and Land Locked Blues…, Imperial Matters, December 2014 [poems]

Professor2, Two Serious Ladies, November 2014 [poem]

Have at it, Electric Cereal, September 2014 [poem]

Fly low or die, The Bohemyth, August 2014 [short story]

no room for make-up, Butterfly Knives & Sea Salt #2, July 2014 [poem]

Alternative Scenarios For Lovers, Little Brother #4, June 2014 [short story] 

*translated by Ursel Allenstein
**translated by Miguel Muñoz